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iOS 16.3 will launch next week – here are the new features for your iPhone

Prepare for an update to iOS 16, iPhone users. iOS 16.3, which is currently in beta, is coming to your phone next week, bringing a few new features, some bug fixes, and some links for Black History Month.

News of iOS 16.3’s impending release comes from Apple itself, which dropped the launch date in a press release highlighting the company’s efforts in the name of Black History Month. (opens in a new tab) in February. Along with spotlighting curated content in the Music, TV, News and Podcasts apps, Apple is adding a Unity watch face and iPhone wallpaper that incorporates the colors of the Pan-African flag.

Unity 2023 watch face and iPhone wallpaper

(Image credit: Apple)

Unity Watch Face 2023 and Unity Wallpaper for iPhone will require iOS 16.3. And in the fine print of Apple’s Black History Month announcement yesterday (January 18), the company says the watch face and wallpaper “will be available next week.” This would apparently imply that the iOS update is also coming.

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