Five NBA players who should move by the trade deadline

Five NBA players who should move by the trade deadline

We’re now halfway through the NBA season, and the trade deadline is approaching faster than you can say “How come the Lakers haven’t moved yet?” In the spirit of all trades, here are five players who, while not necessarily running all the rumor mills, will hopefully be on the move by February 9.

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This one is difficult. Even after winning two games in a row, the raptors there were still five games under the .500 mark at the start of January 11. Is this tough, injury-ridden season enough to displace Siakam, their best player? The argument for the move is the seven-year age difference between Siakam and Scottie Barnes. If the Raptors move Siakam for players and picks, they can stay competitive while fully handing over the team to Barnes and moving forward. (If you want to build around Scottie, wouldn’t it make more sense to keep AND Anunobywho is only 25?) Siakam only has one year left on his contract after this one.

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