The Morning After: Lenovo has created an e-ink tablet to rival Amazon's Scribe |  Engadget

The Morning After: Lenovo has created an e-ink tablet to rival Amazon’s Scribe | Engadget

The CES treadmill of PCs does not stop. Lenovo has been busy. Let’s start with its latest YogaBook, the dual-screen YogaBook 9i. Instead of folding like a conventional laptop, this… thing unfolds one screen over another, with a slim keyboard at the bottom. Luckily, in addition to the keyboard and stylus attachments, there’s a kickstand to ensure those two 13.3-inch 2.8K OLED displays stay put. There’s an incredible amount of flexibility here. You can have the screens unfolded like a book, stacked on top of each other, or like a typical laptop, with the bottom screen showing the keyboard.


Then there’s the $400 Smart Paper tablet. A shameless swipe to rival Amazon’s e-ink Scribe tablet, there’s a screen for writing and annotating and a battery-free stylus that you can store in the case. There are nine pen settings (such as pencil, ballpoint, and marker) and over 4,000 levels of pressure sensitivity to ensure your sketches come out the way you want. Lenovo’s Smart Paper can convert your handwriting to text, and you can use keyword searches to find what you’re looking for, which Amazon’s version lacks. Conversely, however, Lenovo won’t have the Kindle Book Library for scribbling notes – those are two separate offerings.

Oh, you wanted one? Well, Lenovo isn’t done: it also revealed a new ThinkBook Plus that twists and turns to switch between e-ink and OLED displays. In short, it’s a bit of both. Check out our full impressions and spec previews here. We’ll be back on Monday with more CES coverage, including Engadget’s Best of CES winners.

– Matt Smith

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