Kanye West walks out of interview after Tim Pool mildly defends Jews

Kanye West walks out of interview after Tim Pool mildly defends Jews

Kanye West’s first extended interview since meeting former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago last week lasted around 20 minutes.

The entertainer now known as Ye stormed out of a meeting with reactionary social media performer Tim Pool, after the host lightly brushed off Ye’s meandering, paranoid yet largely unbroken anti-Semitic rant that opened the show.

During this 20-minute streak, West offered a sprawling and aggrieved comment ramp against those he believed had hurt him, including, but not limited to: an Adidas designer whose Ye is convinced that he was a CIA and somehow also a “Zionist” factory; Jamie Dimon; Hollywood executives; the hole; his former trainer and also, in Ye’s mind, a Canadian Deep State operative; and, of course, the fictional Jewish cabal in charge of both banking and the media. “It was like American history x, as if my head was on the side of the pavement, and the exact people I called headbutted me,” Ye said. The rapper also appeared to support Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving, who has also posted anti-Semitic material, and spoke about the true “lineages” of black people.

“Rahm Emanuel was right next to Obama, then Jared Kushner was right next to Trump,” Ye added, ending with a “da-da!” music flourish to punctuate his anti-Semitic talk about Jews being puppet masters.

During a brief pause in his quasi-monologue, Pool told Ye, “I think they were extremely unfair to you.” When asked to clarify who he meant by “they,” Pool replied, “The corporate press.” This does not satisfy Ye. “Who is ‘they’, though?” he retaliated. As Pool stuttered, one of the other guests of the evening chimed in: Nick Fuentes, the 23-year-old white nationalist and Holocaust denier, who had played an undefined role in Ye’s largely theoretical 2024 presidential campaign. It’s them, though, isn’t it?” Fuentes said, again referring to the Jewish people.

Obviously, because Pool refused to play into one of the oldest anti-Semitic tropes around, Ye considered it a bridge too far. Before Pool could say another word, West got up from his chair and quietly walked out of the studio.

Fuentes also left, as did the third guest of the evening, Milo Yiannopoulos, the far-right troll and former Breitbart tech editor who was kicked out of the conservative movement in 2016 for his seemingly playful attitude towards relations between adult men and minors.

Like Fuentes, Yiannopoulos also joined Ye’s campaign team in some capacity. Earlier on the show, he had praised Fuentes, calling the Charlottesville walker, ‘Stop the Steal’ pusher and pro-Hitler pundit “the most extraordinary and brilliant political commentator of his generation. “. Yiannopolous himself sometimes claimed Jewish lineage, but this self-identification was apparently dropped after he fell further to the fringes of the conservative media ecosystem, with an insistence that he had cured himself. of his homosexuality and posted threats to harm another far-right personality’s dog. Yiannopoulos did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment.

Between Ye’s ramblings, the trio provided some new information. The meal with Trump was originally scheduled to take place in October, but the former president postponed it after announcing his own run in 2024. During that same period, Ye has been involved in a series of bizarre public appearances and has started making more explicitly anti-Semitic statements, including a tweeted promise to go “death con 3” on “JEWISH PEOPLE”, and to blame “Jewish media” and “Jewish Zionists” for his troubles. did not do the final cut, he also hinted during an interview with Tucker Carlson that fictional children were being placed in his home.

Whether those incidents gave Trump reason to delay their meeting, West didn’t say. He brought Fuentes with him because “he was riding with me,” Ye said. “I was impressed with Nick. And I was like, just come to dinner. Yiannopoulos was also supportive of Fuentes being at the meal. ‘He was treated about as badly as anybody,’ said he said, “So I thought he deserved to be in the room too.”

Pool has made a name for himself in conservative media by bringing in similar far-right figures and whitewashing their extremist beliefs in front of an audience of millions, as The Daily Beast previously reported. Just last week, Pool hosted an expert affiliated with the far-right Groyper movement, which Fuentes ostensibly leads. At no point in their conversation did he mention his guest’s previous extreme rhetoric, and sometimes he seemed to agree with him. Monday night, some viewers of Pool on YouTube shared their own anti-Semitic beliefs.

Although Pool pushed back more on Monday than he normally does — and after Ye and his campaign team came out in anger Pool spoke loudly about anti-Semitism on air — he still tried to find ground of agreement. “Nick, they call you a white supremacist,” he said, addressing Fuentes. But “you work here with or for, you know, one of the most powerful black men.” (Pool did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment.)

Apparently, the tweeted announcement Pool made earlier Monday about the appearance of Ye, Yiannopoulos and Fuentes prompted some of Pool’s “good conservative friends,” as he put it, to reach out to him. saying that giving unrebuilt fanatics a platform as big as his was a mistake. “Tim, don’t have these people on you. They’re bad people,” Pool said, he was told.

From Pool’s perspective, however, the show served its purpose, in part because the trio refused to engage in a lengthy debate and air their beliefs for the scheduled two-hour show.

“I think you should invite them all,” insisted Pool. “I think if something is bad for their ideas, that’s exactly what just happened.”

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