Kickstarter canceled in the most brutal way possible

Kickstarter canceled in the most brutal way possible

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Mysterious Flesh Pit National Park is a fictional project by Trevor Roberts, who started on Reddit has been for a few years publish stories and illustrations on its websitefleshing out (sorry) the story of a huge creature discovered underground in Texas and…turned into a tourist attraction.

It’s a very cool pitch, like some kind of lovecraftian jurassic parkfull of absurdity but also abject horror, and it has slowly been pick up enough fans that he was covered on sites like USA today. Considering the success of the project and the fact that Roberts built more of a detailed diorama of a world than a linear storya video game adaptation must have seemed like a very good idea to many people.

So, last week, Roberts announced that, courtesy of Village Fox Mediaa Mysterious Flesh Pit video game is under development, and would seek funding on Kickstarter. Billed as a “PC survival horror video game”, it would center on the efforts of a team tasked with helping the park recover from a disaster – remember, this is inside a giant beast– which kills 750 people.

A week later, the Kickstarter – which was very light on demos or detailed development information – was dropped, with Roberts saying the decision was made after a combination of “fan feedback, a failed marketing push, internal conflicts and deep introspection”. Specifically, it seems the process of handing over the work on the game to other people…didn’t go well, with Roberts since writing (emphasis mine):

To those who were looking forward to a video game, I apologize. Most people don’t fully realize how important it is to produce even a modest video game. I personally and carefully created each piece of the Mysterious Flesh Pit project, but something as big as a video game is completely beyond my scope as an individual artist. When I am not directly responsible for overseeing its creation, I cannot assure its quality. After this experience, I can firmly say that there will be no approved video game adaptations of the Mysterious Flesh Pit as long as I’m alive.

I sincerely hope that by canceling this overambitious Kickstarter campaign, I have avoided what could have been a rushed and inferior gaming experience at best, and an absolute disaster at worst.. I also hope that my decision to approve this particular Kickstarter will not harm or hinder the superior work of other credible and talented creators who work and have worked hard behind the scenes to bring you a Mystery tabletop gaming experience. Flesh Pit late. in 2023.

I I have no hard feelings towards the developers,” Roberts tells me.It was ultimately a mutual decision to cancel it. I think they were a bit too ambitious, and I had a moment of clarity where I saw what a disaster it was going to be for everyone involved. I think I did the right thing. And, for the record, I have always been and continue to be entirely in favor of fan games. My statement that there is no Mysterious Flesh Pit video gaming has never been, admittedly, a bit overzealous. Fan games are awesome. I just think there are already too many games/movies/series that are poorly planned cash grabs by burnt-out creators, and I’m not on that.

While it makes the whole process involved in making a game and going on Kickstarter seem like a disaster, it’s refreshing to see Roberts see the writing on the wall and pull the plug like that now, and not months/years later—having already taken the money, like so many other doomed campaigns have done on the platform.

Table adaptationwhich, as Roberts says, is still forthcoming, is slated for release early next year.

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