The rookies left a lasting impression on Ohio State after the Buckeyes' 56-14 win over Indiana

The rookies left a lasting impression on Ohio State after the Buckeyes’ 56-14 win over Indiana

In its penultimate home game of the regular season, Ohio State used the opportunity to impress the rookies in their 56-14 victory over Indiana on Saturday.

Several highly touted prospects from the 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026 classes were in attendance and enjoyed their experience at Ohio Stadium, the winter squalls and all.

Most notably, Ohio State added to its defensive goals in the 2023 class by welcoming and providing four-star defensive end from Indiana Joshua Mickens, who is currently on an LSU commitment but is now expected to return to Columbus for an official visit.

We’ll talk more about Mickens in the Hurry Up later on Monday, but in the meantime, Eleven Warriors caught up with various rookies who were in attendance for the Buckeyes’ win to ask what their top takeaways from their visit to Columbus were.

You can see their responses below, as well as check out a photo gallery of some of the rookies in attendance above.

  • 2023 four-star cornerback hires Jermaine Mathews: “Everything feels like home when I’m in Columbus.”
  • 2023 four-star offensive lineman hires Joshua Padilla“I think what I take away the most from the game is how good our running game was.”
  • Jaden Reddell, four-star close target of 2024“I had an amazing time at Ohio State, the environment was amazing. I loved talking to all the coaches, they were all caring and easy to talk to. I loved the place I can’t wait to ‘to go back there.”
  • 2024 three-star winger Tysen Smith“I had a great time visiting OSU. It was my first time seeing a game in The Shoe and it was very impressive. They do a great job welcoming rookies and families. I spoke to Coach Wilson and we spent a few minutes on the field before the game talking with him, just chatting. I’ve spoken with him a lot over the last year on the phone and he he’s really easy to talk to. They see me as an H back/tight end.
  • 2024 three-star offensive lineman Jake Wheelock: “I have to talk to Coach Frye and Sollenne again. Always enjoy talking to them. Frye made a point of telling me the importance of the offseason and making sure technique is the number one priority for me this offseason. The weight room is always important, but what matters is becoming a better football player. And of course the game day experience was great as always. I loved the environment and seeing the offensive line dominate again.
  • Marc Nave, 2024 Ohio offensive lineman“The environment and the energy were crazy. The players just arrived and took care of business. There are great people working with you. Coach Ed Terwillinger has watched my film from last year and my last three games and said he was really impressed.
  • 2025 four-star wide receiver Andrew Marsh“The visit was good, but cold. I did not expect that. I spoke to Coach Cass first, but during the game I was able to speak to Coach Day and Coach Hartline. During the conversation, both of them asked me if I saw myself playing there and if I could handle playing in the cold. The whole recruiting team was nice. Sunday, I spent a more in-depth time there. I was able to see the football facility and meet different departments. The place is huge. I see that everything is rhythmic. Talking to the coach, I learned about their receivers’ style of play and their expectations of all players. This visit marked me for a long time and I will come back.”
  • 2025 Kentucky Defensive End Austin Alexander: “It was so fun to experience a game in Columbus. As soon as you walked into the recruiting fair, you knew it was business. Everything was very well done. Seeing the stadium from the field with everyone was an incredible sight. It was such a beautiful stadium. And watching the players blaze through 25 degree snow let you know what it was all about. And it was a pleasure to be able to see Coach Johnson again. It was a really good time. »
  • 2025 Ohio Offensive Lineman Jake Cook“My visit was great. I loved seeing them having fun and playing as a team. The offensive line performed well in the running game. I talked a lot with Coach Frye throughout the day and he wants me to come to the Michigan game. Also, Coach Frye and Coach Sollenne love that I wrestle and they want to come see me in a game this winter.
  • Aaron Gregory, 2026 Georgia wide receiver: “The atmosphere of yesterday’s match was great. Nothing like Ohio State. I had a great visit. I had a great relationship with receivers coach Brian Hartline and safety coach Perry Eliano. They liked my size and my potential, future visits are definitely in the works. Excellent hospitality, enjoyed being able to watch practice and learn from a great group of players and coaches.”

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