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How to Level Up Fast in Modern Warfare 2: Rank, Weapons, and Operators

Modern Warfare 2 players will be eager to quickly rank up their player level so that they can quickly unlock the best gear in the game. To do this, we have provided some quick tips to help you level up quickly in MW2.

As usual, Infinity Ward provided Call of Duty players with a ton of things to unlock and work on as they battle through intense Modern Warfare 2 matches.

But many of the game’s best weapons, perks, and gear are currently tied to the game’s ranking system where you have to climb 55 levels until you reach the maximum.

It requires a fair amount of gameplay to unlock, so if you want to acquire field upgrades, weapons, and more as fast as possible, use our Modern Warfare 2 tips to rank up fast.

Best way to level up fast in Modern Warfare 2 Rank

Use Double XP Tokens

Twice the normal amount of XP is always a great way to rack up ranks quickly. If you jump into the game’s campaign, you can earn Double XP Tokens for completing certain missions.

Additionally, if you pre-ordered the Vault Edition, you will also be entitled to additional Double XP Tokens if purchased through the CoD Store.

Play During Double XP Weekends

If you’re out of tokens, fear not, as Activision will regularly hold Double XP events throughout the year on random weekends.

You won’t have to do anything on your own but log in when Double XP Weekend is active and browse through a ton of Modern Warfare 2 games to maximize the opportunity.

Don’t rage, quit online multiplayer matches

We know it sounds easier than it is, but the temptation to rush out of a match when things aren’t going your way is very easy, but also very costly.

Even if you have a bad match or your team gets smoked, make sure to dump it and claim your match bonus at the end.

Play objective-based game modes

Team-based objective modes are probably more ideal than game modes that require more than one individual, because even if you’re not the greatest Call of Duty player in the world, you can still get XP for your efforts.

We recommend passive playlist options such as Hardpoint, Headquarters, and Domination, as these are great ways to earn XP as a team.

Complete Challenges

While they’re not live yet, expect Infinity Ward to drop a barracks full brimming with challenges like every iteration of CoD.

From beginner challenges requiring you to get your first Killstreak to more advanced challenges like getting 30 kills in a game for a Nuke, for example, there’s likely to be a range of challenges to focus on and complete, earning tons of rewards. ‘XP In process.

Resurrect fallen comrades

Let’s face it, you should anyway, but we’ll make sure we hammer the point home – be a team player!

In any game mode where you can revive a downed teammate, you should actively seek to do so for two reasons. First, it’s the right thing to do, and second, reviving them makes them level up, leveling them up gives you more allies, more allies increase your chances of victory, and victory nets you more XP .

Additionally, reviving someone also earns you XP.

Play Invasion

One simple method players have incorporated into their gameplay to level up quickly and increase gun XP is by playing Invasion.

During a game, if you keep throwing tactical inserts, you will get XP for spawns. Also, you need to focus your fire on the AI ​​soldiers as you still get a lot of XP for shooting them down. These two tactics combine seamlessly to rack up some serious scores and lots of XP for faster ranking.

Kill Confirmed, Dog Tags & Decoys

Another sneaky tactic you could use is the Kill Confirmed and Decoy method which lets you rack up crazy XP for not even playing well.

Simply, keep throwing decoys around the intense combat areas of the map and you’ll earn XP from enemy players shooting at them. Also, focus all your energy on collecting Dog Tags from fallen opposing players.

Even if you have a bad game in terms of kill-to-death ratio, going all out to collect beacons will do wonders for your player level.

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The best way to quickly upgrade weapons in Modern Warfare 2

Play ground war matches

To upgrade a gun, you want a sustained match with a myriad of enemies to hunt down and kill, and Ground War ticks all of those boxes.

Large maps are littered with plenty of enemy soldiers, and you can also earn passive XP for holding objectives, while capturing and defending them in the process.

PlayStation party bonus

A huge perk of playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on PlayStation is that party-goers can revel in 25% bonus weapon EXP just for simply playing the game together.

Best way to quickly level Modern Warfare 2 Operators

Complete Operator Challenges

Again, IW has yet to add challenges to Modern Warfare 2, but once they do, we expect the system to work very similarly to Vanguard in that each operator will have challenges. individual challenges to overcome.

If so, don’t get too attached to your Operators because you should max out an Operator, suck all the XP you can get out of it, then move on to the next one.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to increase your XP earning potential in Modern Warfare 2.

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