Bo Edmudson and MSU part ways;  Spartans will pursue 5-star QB again

Bo Edmudson and MSU part ways; Spartans will pursue 5-star QB again

Earlier today, Michigan State staff and former QB engage Bo Edmundson publicly separated lanes. Austin (TX) product Lake Travis announced his departure from MSU’s recruiting class of 2023 via social media. Spartan Tailgate sources were told last week that MSU had been looking to move in this direction for some time now, but the staff wanted to let Edmundson come to the same conclusion on his own and take his time making the following announcement.

When Edmundson signed on, the well-built, 6-foot-3 shooter had shown solid potential, admirable pocket tenacity and a tight-window zipper. He had the opportunity to take his game to another level as a senior, but suffered an injury during the offseason (which hampered his Elite 11 rating) and for most of the current regular season. Edmundson persevered despite his back injury and returned for a contest on October 8 which his team won. However, he was then out of action again for the next few weeks until October 29, when the team’s new starting QB was injured and Edmundson was asked to step in.

He’s played well when he’s able to see the pitch, but the sample size just hasn’t been that big over the last year. It’s also most likely what contributed to Edmundson’s fall from 433rd in the 247 Composite rankings when he signed up, to now rank 803rd nationally. Still, it’s reasonable to expect that Edmundson could find himself a good home before signing day, given the tools he has when he’s healthy. His personality will also go a long way in making him attractive to schools that might be a better fit.

As for where Michigan State plans to go from here, sources tell me that multiple targets will emerge and personnel will not be limited. That said, I hear MSU will start by going to great lengths to try and topple the five-star QB of 2023. Dante Moore, a Detroit (MI) King product currently dedicated to Oregon. Obviously, this will not be an easy task and expectations must be tempered. Not only are there rightly attractive incentives for Moore should he sign up at Oregon, the Ducks have also had great success in the 2022 season. On the other hand, sources pointed out that MSU won’t go down without exhausting all resources here. Also, for what it’s worth, multiple Midwestern sources have firmly placed the Spartans in Moore’s front-runners when it looked like he was leaning towards Notre Dame at the start of the summer.

In April, Moore’s high school head coach Ty Spencer explained this to 247Sports’ Sam Webb, saying specifically: “I think Michigan State was a really good look for him in the beginning, then they took a quarterback…I know the coach (Jay) Johnson and Tuck are great guys, but not many quarterbacks (who) want to play with two (QB in a class). While the part about MSU being a serious threat to Moore was true, Michigan State staff personally felt that Notre Dame was significantly ahead of the pack at the time, while others like Oregon, Michigan, Texas A&M and Alabama also threatened.

In other words, the MSU staff felt it was better to take the next best QB on their board (Edmundson) than to miss both. After all, the situation the Spartans feared is exactly what happened to Notre Dame, as they hijacked the QB’s star target Christophe Vizzina in favor of Moore. Well, Vizzina quickly picked Clemson after ND made that decision, but then Moore picked Oregon. This sequence of events left ND without a QB 2023 commitment.

All in all MSU was probably smart doing what they were doing at the time and to be honest the Spartans probably weren’t going to land Moore at the time although it’s true that they were a bigger factor that gave them the most credit. for. Anyway, things have now changed with MSU’s assessment of that aforementioned “next best QB” at Edmundson, so we’ll see if the staff can rekindle that earlier interest Moore had in them, however extensive- he.

There will also be other QB targets that will emerge in the near future, but these will be posted to the Shaw Lane VIP board as they are discovered. One of them will be unveiled shortly.

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