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Disney+ Just Revealed 6 Subscriber-Exclusive Marvel Movie Merch Items

A new limited test experience gave Disney+ subscribers exclusive access to six Marvel movie items and collectibles.

Saturday, November 12 marks the third anniversary of Disney+’s debut in 2019. Since its launch, the streamer has not only become Marvel Studios’ home streaming platform, but also a way to expand its storytelling through the MCU Disney+ series and the Marvel Studios is assembled documentaries.

But Disney does not intend to stop there.

In September, The Wall Street Journal announced Disney’s plans to introduce a membership program for Disney+ subscribers, including exclusive access and merchandise.

Now, just days away from its third anniversary, Disney has done just that by giving Disney+ subscribers exclusive access to MCU merchandise on shopDisney.

6 MCU items for Disney+ subscribers

According to an official Disney press release, Disney has launched a limited trial experience allowing US Disney+ subscribers exclusive access to merchandise on shopDisney.

Merchandise selection is targeted at Disney-owned franchises, such as Star Wars, Frozenand Marvel Studios Black Panther and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Here are the six MCU items made exclusively available to Disney+ subscribers:

1.) Scarlet Witch Ear Headband – $30


This must-have Disney park accessory is inspired by the Scarlet Witch’s costume and crown in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

2.) Doctor Strange Cloak – $100

Doctor Strange Cloak

Another article inspired by Doctor Strange 2This item is an adult version of Doctor Strange’s Levitation Cloak.

3.) Captain Carter Vibranium Shield – $400

Captain Carter Shield What If If

While Captain Carter appeared in live-action in Doctor Strange 2shopDisney describes its replica shield – complete with sound effects – as having been inspired by it What if…? debut on Disney+.

4.) Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Artist Series Jacket – $80

Black Panther Jacket 2

This bomber jacket is one of the pieces of the artist Natacha Bustos Black Panther: Wakanda Forever collection.

5.) World of Wakanda Artist Series Puzzle – $25

Puzzle Black Panther 2

Also designed by Marvel artist Natacha Bustos, this 1,000 piece puzzle features the same design as the Black Panther bomber jacket. It is also part of the World of Wakanda collection.

6.) Black Panther Collectible Mask – $150

Black Panther 2 Mask

Another addition to the World of Wakanda collection is this replica mask that appears to have been crafted from stitched leather. Although it comes with a wicker stand and base, it also comes with a stand for wall display.

The window for subscribers to take advantage of early access to these articles runs from Tuesday, November 1 through Monday, November 7.

Is this exclusive Marvel merch worth it?

According to Variety, Disney+ subscribers have access to these items before they go on sale to the general public.

And, while it’s true that they’re currently only available to subscribers, it’s important to note that several items have been made available to the general public over the past months and weeks.

For example, the Scarlet Witch Headband has been available at Disney Parks and online for months, and the Captain Carter Shield and Black Panther Collectible Mask were available for D23 attendees.

Indeed, the Black Panther mask was available online at ShopDisney and in parks in early September. No Disney+ subscription was required.

In fairness, in Disney’s press release, Disney+ president Alisa Bowen only referred to this selection as a “curated collection of goods.” She didn’t say the collection was new or hadn’t been available before.

However, it’s a little odd that Disney puts these pre-released items behind a paywall, especially since those interested in the merch are likely already Disney+ subscribers.

It’s also important to note that Disney CEO Bob Chapek said the “integration between Disney+ and shopDisney” is “separate from the company-wide membership program” which is currently under development.

Therefore, this consumer offering is unlikely to be the last.

Just what Disney has in mind for consumers moving forward remains to be seen. But what Marvel fans and the general public can expect is more effort to connect Disney’s flagship franchises to merchandising.

Whether these efforts will actually be seen as useful or even beneficial, especially by Disney+ subscribers, is another unknown, especially once Disney raises the price of its ad-free version of the streamer from December 8. .

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