Bear Trade Deadline Rumor Tracker

Bear Trade Deadline Rumor Tracker

Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles traded two of his team captains last week, Robert Quinn and Roquan Smith. In doing so, he added a second-round pick, a fourth, a fifth-rounder and veteran linebacker AJ Klein. According to Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune“There’s a bit of chatter in league circles that the Bears might not be done with their trade business.” Eric Edholm tweeted“Looks like the Bears have more to come. Ryan Poles approached this list unemotionally and proactively.”

Let’s not forget that the Poles traded Khalil Mack in the off-season, so he’s been in sell mode since taking the job. He handed over the roster while making sure he has plenty of money to spend in 2023 and garnering as many draft picks as possible.

The Bears have picks in the 1st, 2nd, 2nd (via BAL), 3rd, 4th, 4th (via PHI), 5th, 5th (via BAL) and 7th, for nine total picks.

For the moment.

The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 3:00 p.m. CT, and the Bears have a few veteran players who might make sense to move running back David Montgomery and safety Eddie Jackson.

Before the Roquan deal, I thought the Bears would stick with it, but now I’m not so sure.

Montgomery, 25, is in the final year of his rookie contract, and if the Poles don’t want to pay a higher price to re-sign him, he might as well see what he could get in the draft.

Jackson is in a different situation with two more years on his contract (plus a void year), but a team looking for a secondary helper for a playoff run could call the 28-year-old Pro Bowler twice.

There is also an outside chance that the Poles could add some help to his squad if the price is right. Plenty of recovery-type receivers are rumored to be available, and it’s impossible to overlook a scheme suited to their defense or an upgrade on the offensive line.

I asked a few of our guys here at WCG to share their thoughts on the trade deadline with me, and here’s some of what they had to say.

“The idea of ​​trading Montgomery and the Eagles’ fourth for a third is a lot more interesting than just collecting another fourth or fifth,” Josh Sunderbruch said, “because the more the Poles can do to rack up picks in the range #20-100. , the best.”

Peter Borkowski told me, “While personally, I wouldn’t mind if the team went out and got a cheap young WR project that could blossom into something (like an Elijah Moore or Terrace Marshall Jr.), sitting still is the best option. Save your draft capital, save space on your ceiling, and then make some noise in the offseason when more options are on the table.”

Sam Householder said: “The Poles aren’t in a position to want to give up capital for years to come when you can probably sustain nine more games like the Bears had on Sunday in Dallas. Games where you see a growth of Justin Fields but who are frustrated with the lack of talent around the quarterback.Whether it’s that or giving up the first or two day picks, I think you take the first every time.

If there are any concrete rumors or nuggets of news popping up around the Bears and the trade deadline, we’ll share them here.

  • Our guy, Greg Gabriel, says his NFL sources say they haven’t heard much about a trade with David Montgomery, and even if he’s moved, the compensation wouldn’t be much.
  • “The Bears are among the teams that have called the Patriots to assess the availability of WR Kendrick Bourne,” says PFF’s Doug Kyed.
  • This Tweet likely means Eddie Jackson is staying in Chicago since the Bears can’t take the rest of his salary.

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