Thomas contemplates his track triumph with Hope - and Liam extracts a promise from his wife

Thomas contemplates his track triumph with Hope – and Liam extracts a promise from his wife

At Forrester, Hope and Paris work with the model, Petra, in the design office as Hope plans the final makeup for the fashion show. Liam appears in the doorway in time to hear Hope praising Thomas.

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At the main office, Steffy is impressed with Justin’s legal work. He thinks he’s trying to use his powers for good now. He takes the papers and leaves when Thomas arrives.
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Thomas tells his sister that he and Hope are on fire. Steffy wonders how things are going with their collaboration. Thomas says they have the same taste and values, and it shows in the designs. Steffy notes that he seems attached to Hope and her success. “She obviously thinks you have talent.” Thomas quips, “Talented… and hot! Steffy smiles. Thomas insists he’s not lying. Steffy laughs at him for getting caught in his underwear. Finn arrives and stumbles over the conversation and catches up. Thomas steps back and wants to drop him. Steffy tells him to be grateful that it was Finn who came in – Liam probably wouldn’t be too happy.
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In the design office, Paris and Petra come out and Hope tells Liam that she’s glad he’s there; she needed a break. He is so proud of her and wants to support her in any way he can. He admits he feels this preview can’t be finished soon enough – he felt on the outside watching with her and Thomas and it’s not a great feeling.

In the main office, Steffy warns Thomas not to get his hopes up when it comes to Hope. He insists he’s focused on his son and the bloodline, but adds that Douglas wouldn’t like anything better – he said he wished they could love each other. Steffy worries that her brother is becoming obsessed and doesn’t want him to back down. “Do you really think Hope is going to leave Liam to be with you?” Finn notices that they even have a child together. Thomas points out that they do too. Steffy repeats her warning and Thomas protests that it was Hope who said he was hot!
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In the design office, Hope informs Liam that she can take care of herself. There shouldn’t be anything to worry about when it comes to Thomas. This worries Liam because they have always been worried about Thomas for very good reasons. He reminds her of the rooftop scene and she snaps that people can change. Liam says that’s what she said the last time he proved he couldn’t change. Hope rants at her husband to stop. Liam fumes that he wants his premiere to be a success, but look what it’s already cost them: Douglas hasn’t been home in ages and she’s about to spend the weekend with Thomas and their two children and he is not invited! Hope argues that Douglas wants his parents to be in the same room. Liam taunts that Thomas is using the boy to get at him; he can’t understand why she can’t see him! Hope asks what he would like her to do; she can’t replace her lead designer – that’s the last thing she needs. Liam just doesn’t want her to get hurt or worse. Hope asks her to trust her that nothing bad will happen. Liam can be good with that if she promises that after the preview is over, she’ll try to help him convince Douglas to come home. “Can you promise me that?”
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In the main office, Finn kisses Steffy and then tells her that she and Thomas are hilarious the way they bicker. He feels he missed the whole sibling thing. Steffy always watches over him and tries not to be intrusive. “He’s been through a lot and I don’t want him to backslide.” Finn says she’s a good sister. She knows, but she couldn’t wait for her brother to leave so she could have some alone time with her hot hubby. Finn thought the same.
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At Il Giardino, Liam apologizes to Bill for being late; he ended up at Forrester. Bill guesses he was a supportive husband. The conversation turns to Thomas and Liam says he’s getting deeper and deeper into Hope’s life and she doesn’t see him.

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At the design office, Hope gives Justin a contract, then he leaves. Thomas is there and asks her opinion on Petra’s dress. She flirts with Thomas and offers him a drink after the preview. Thomas will probably tuck his son in, but thanks her for the offer. The model comes out and Hope tells Thomas that they have made a lot of progress, not just on the line but as parents. She sees his progress. “You’ve really grown, not just as an artist but as a father.”

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In the main office, Finn and Steffy kiss. He wants her to come home with him. They could make a fire and he’ll cook her dinner and rub her shoulders. Steffy would love to, but as co-CEO she has to stick around for the preview. They kiss again. Steffy doesn’t think she will have to stay too long. She marvels at seeing Hope and Thomas get along and the things the blonde has said about her. Steffy wonders if Liam has an idea.
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At Il Giardino, Bill is upset to learn that Douglas is planning a weekend with Hope and Thomas together. Liam blames Thomas and says Hope only cares about making his child happy. Bill thinks it goes beyond that. Liam hopes things will get back to normal after the preview. Bill fumes that there’s nothing normal about Thomas.

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In the design office, Hope tells Thomas that she is nervous. He’s just excited. Hope thinks this is a pivotal moment for her career. Thomas assures that everything is ready – Katie has invited the most influential people and the buzz is good; No reason to worry. His vision follows the beautiful woman in front of him. He can see it so clearly – her on the floor, him watching proudly, applause in the air – it will be one of the greatest moments of our lives. “They’ll love you, Hope. How can they not? He smiled, “Tomorrow, Hope. Tomorrow.” She smiled nervously.
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