Myst Sequel Riven, GOAT or Worst Puzzle Game Ever, Gets a Remake

Myst Sequel Riven, GOAT or Worst Puzzle Game Ever, Gets a Remake

A stupid pile of rocks and a building in Riven.

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Due to the curse of an ancient witch, myst, officially the worst game ever made, will never leave. Further proof of this affliction is that original creator Cyan Worlds just announced its revamp mystis a sequel almost as horrible, Torn up. So if you like to randomly switch between seated levers through the most ghastly FMV am-dram game you’ve ever seen, go for a treat!

Announcement Riven

myst was a “game” of entering magic books, then being told a story about a guy, and his two sons, and how they – mumble mumble – get trapped in the books at the end. I am generous here. In reality, it involved solving a series of implausible puzzles with no direction beyond random riddles, while reading endlessly abysmal books, notes, and messages. 1997 Torn upwhich was released with the unstoppable name, “Riven: the sequel to Myst“, is about rescuing a poor helpless woman called Catherine from the world of Riven, while solving implausible puzzles with no direction…

It will be an all-new modern remake, freeing the game from its original static views and prescribed movements, replaced by free movement options and, inevitably (but not yet announced) virtual reality. However, the developers Cyan is very careful with information beyond it exists at this point.

It’s important not to get too carried away mystbecause he has a huge following. Wait, sorry, I typed wrong. He has a lot of horrible fans. People who treat confounding novelty for quality as a religious alliance, and claim that every element of a game being objectively terrible is actually a good thing. It’s “world building”, you see.

However, rather brilliantly, while crawling with the weight of a myst-in the shape of a cross on the back, they will also say: “Well, of course, but Torn up was even better.

People, Torn up wasn’t even better. It was just a little more. That is to say if myst was badly cut heroin, so Torn up it was more poorly cut heroin but now given to a heroin addict. Now, 25 years later, there is hope that the same tense people who survived will crave a relapse… Ouch! Come down! CAROLYN, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

A lioness scares a male lion.

Photo: O. Alamany & E. Vicens (Getty Images)

Hi everyone, I’m really Sorry about that. It’s Carolyn Petit here now. John… well, John is resting, in the corner, until the ambulance arrives.

You know what? myst was actually an amazing immersive masterpiece, telling you absolutely everything you needed to know to solve its puzzles (contrary to what John said) and making it extremely satisfying. Torn upin my opinion, didn’t reach the heights of its predecessor, but they were both brave and daring games, with stunning visual design that offered captivating worlds like no game had given us before.

Notably, both also demonstrated just like great 3D FPS games like Loss were becoming fashionable, that games could be as wonderful for giving us peaceful, beautiful worlds and cerebral gameplay as they could be for giving us violent hellscapes and satisfying shotguns. Technologically remarkable too, they pushed pre-rendered graphics in directions we had never seen before, while using the sudden expanse of space offered by CD-ROMs to allow us to see full motion videos acting in these fantasy worlds. This was essential in mid-90s video games, inspiring generations to come, while being at the forefront of what our fledgling PCs could do.

To see that remade today, with the freedom of modern computing, adding the ability to roam freely in those fondly remembered worlds, is… well, let’s just say I’m cautiously optimistic. As significant as Torn up was, it was to some extent the context of the time and place in which it came out that made it so extraordinary. I’m not entirely sure that things like free flow (or, as John says, potentially VR functionality) can really do Torn up feel good today. However, I hope such an update may help Torn up captivate at least some people who weren’t there to experience it when it was initially released.

There’s no word yet on what platforms this will be released, but if it’s anything like 2021 myst remake, it will be just about all, hopefully including VR again. I hope we will have more news soon. And stop complaining, Walker, it’s not this a lot of blood.

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