James Corden says his restaurant scandal was 'the most surreal moment': 'I've never talked so much about eggs'

James Corden says his restaurant scandal was ‘the most surreal moment’: ‘I’ve never talked so much about eggs’

James Corden has spoken of his “surreal” Balthazar beef and the fact that it received “rather cruel” reviews. (Photo: Terence Patrick/CBS via Getty Images)

James Corden has opened up about the incident at New York’s famed Balthazar restaurant which he was called “a little moron of a man” and “most abusive customer” by owner Keith McNally – and why so many people apparently love the to hate.

In a new interview with How to build a girl writer Caitlin Moran for the Time, Corden, 44, expressed his confusion at being called out and briefly banned by McNally for allegedly “screaming like crazy” at a waiter who got his egg yolk omelet order wrong. woman. (The British star also explains that “the reason I had to send the omelet back was because Jules [his wife, Julia Carey] is allergic to egg white,” adding that Carey told the server, “But don’t worry if you can’t handle it.”)

“It was the most surreal moment,” Corden told Moran on the text of “Egggate,” which erupted after their first interview. “I mean, it’s so weird. I never yelled at anybody, I didn’t yell, I didn’t call anybody a name or swear or use derogatory language. … How is- This remotely a thing? And it’s okay? And now it’s a fact, and that’s it. When that person who posted the story wasn’t even there. So strange.

Noting that he’s “never talked so much about eggs,” Corden told Moran that paparazzi were waiting outside his house to take pictures of him because of Balthazar’s brouhaha.

“People keep telling me, ‘This is the world we live in!'” he added. “And I don’t know if that’s true. I think it’s a world that we’re actively creating and engaging in and encouraging. It’s scary. Really scary.”

Although Corden has been acclaimed and received numerous awards (including a Tony) for his work as both an actor and writer, Moran pointed out that some seem to like to poke fun at the Gavin and Stacy co-creator. But Corden, who is due to step away from his late-night show on CBS next year, maintains he doesn’t mind the noise.

“Ah – I just stopped reading it,” Corden told her. “I just won’t. I don’t google myself, I don’t read about myself. I remember when Keira Knightley was talking about the things people used to write about her, and then she just realized, ‘Oh. I don’t have to read this. It has nothing to do with me. I’m just going to focus on work.

He also noted that he only gets positive feedback from people he meets outside.

“It’s weird, because I walk around London, New York, LA, and people are attractive, you know? … People are so nice to what I do,” the Cats star said, citing his experience cycling in London the day before -up. Sincerely and honestly, I mostly only get positive things.

But when pressed, Corden acknowledges that he was the subject of “pretty cruel” comments that escaped him. One review in particular featured the following line: “There are some – myself included – who think that James Corden would be much improved if he were squished into a more compact, cube-shaped version of James Corden. Where is his head? Oh, I see, round there. Maybe the contents of his colon leaked out of him. Hahaha. I’m not fat.”

“It’s been so long since I’ve read anything, but when I used to, a lot of it came from mainstream journalists who were… pretty cruel,” he said. “I remember a review of the show. bad menjust me and matt [Baynton] wrote, and there was a reviewer who wrote, “Wouldn’t it have been better if James Corden was dead?” I will never forget him …”

“I know the things I have done are not good – but this has been good. And I remember thinking, how does no one say, “How awful is it to describe someone’s wanton death?” “, he told Moran, who suspects that much of the vitriol is due to Corden’s height.

As for the Balthazar incident, Corden ended up giving a mea culpa last Monday. Late showtelling viewers he “made a sarcastic and rude comment about cooking [the omelette] myself. And it is a comment that I deeply regret.

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