The 3 zodiac signs with raw horoscopes October 30, 2022

Some days are more difficult than others, which is why three zodiac signs have approximate horoscopes on October 30, 2022. Sunday is just one of those days.

Anyone who doesn’t have a tough day today wins all the prizes and that’s because we have a range of tough transits heading our way, and by the look of their ‘faces’ – they mean business.

We are already in the war zone now, thanks to Mars retrograde, and it will be for a while, however, we might have come through this day with a better attitude if only Moon trine Uranus had not decided to join celebration .

And you know good old Uranus; can’t take them anywhere.

How the day will unfold for individual signs that are particularly susceptible to the charms of Mars and Uranus depends on how we go about it. And on that day, everything is business.

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Even our love lives. We wake up with a strange attitude that day, and it leads us to think that everything we do is a transaction: “What am I getting out of this?”

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