Prince Harry's memoir will 'target' the Royal Family, most likely his father King Charles

Prince Harry’s memoir will ‘target’ the Royal Family, most likely his father King Charles

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Harry’s memoirs are a whirlwind of rumors

Will it be worse than what the royal family expected? Has it been toned down? Power up? Healing? Cause damage? The British press is abuzz over the weekend, sparked by fevered speculation and guesswork in the dark over what will contain Prince Harry’s memoir, set, as reported, for a January 10 release date.

Harry wrote his memoir to make himself happy, sources told The Telegraph. The newspaper said the memoir – titled, bluntly, Spare— shouldn’t be seen as a “breaking down of his family,” but as a life story that will be relatable to many others. Those familiar with the manuscript say it is a “nice read”, the Telegraph says, “a story of family idiosyncrasies and struggles that readers from all walks of life will identify with.”

Sources tell the newspaper not to expect any “truth bombshells” on the scale of Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. Not that it can improve royal relations. “The rift between the two camps is now considered to be so deeply rooted that any attempt at appeasement would have been considered futile,” the official said. Telegraph said. The book will still ‘target’ members of the Royal Family, most likely his father King Charles, as he writes about the cycle of ‘genetic pain and suffering’ that Harry says he endured.

“You can’t always live your life trying to make your family or your siblings happy,” a source said. “You have to choose your own happiness.”

Well, yes, thank you for this validation, oh wise and kind source.

By now, the theme of the book seems mushy and indistinct – showing the reader how one goes through “difficult times, struggles with grief and uncertainty about one’s future but always comes out the other side”, the Telegraph said. So another episode of Oprah, then, in book form.

Harry could be in the UK early next year before the book is released to promote it, the Telegraph said, citing sources.

Charles with William and Harry when they were younger.

Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

During this time, the Sun reports that Harry had to submit his new book more than once to his editors, leading the newspaper to question – as many others have – whether he had to “sex” his book, that is i.e. injecting more spice, scandals and dishes, so that they get their money’s worth. Harry also asked exes and friends to talk to his ghostwriter, JR Moehringer. A publishing source said the word was Harry “received an advance to write the book, then a second installment upon delivery of an ‘acceptable’ manuscript.”

A source told the newspaper: “The book has been back and forth between Harry and JR Moehringer and the publishers. They wanted more than what was in the first draft, and then Harry wanted to refine things after the queen died. But there have been additional back and forths that people don’t know about. This is because the publishers wanted more areas covered and more detail on certain things that were already included. “There is a real concern that this means Harry has had to gender the book and include revelations that even he might not be comfortable with.”

So what one source calls ‘hurtful criticism’ could eventually be remembered, though Harry’s exes and friends would be surprised to have been given the green light, or even asked to speak about him, after so much Harry’s insistence they don’t talk to the media. A source said: “Harry reached out. Friends and girlfriends were polite and said they’d think about it, but in the end most said no. It was a little ironic that Harry was hitting the roof. he once had a clue they were talking to the media, but now he wants them to when he needs their help.

Harry’s Christmas almost missed

Unsurprisingly, given the above, Harry and Meghan will not be spending Christmas with their family. Sources told the Mirror that relations between the Californians and the Windsors are “at rock bottom” and that the Sussexes have “no plans” for a Christmas in the UK.

Another source told the Mirror“This book could spell the end of any relationship Harry wants to have with his family, it’s desperately sad.”

Kate speaks out on addiction

Kate Middleton gave a speech this week to urge understanding for drug addicts. Kate, in her role as patron of drug addiction charity The Forward Trust, said: “Attitudes are changing, but we’re not there yet and we have to be. Yet the shame of addiction keeps people and families from seeking help, and people continue to lose their lives tragically.

“As a society, we must recognize that the only way to help those who are suffering is to try to understand what led them to addiction, to empathize with them and to be compassionate towards their struggles. .”

Prince William could go to the World Cup

When he initially said he could not make it to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, many social justice campaigners assumed Prince William was staying away in protest at the repressive country’s record in matters of human rights.

Indeed, activist Peter Tatchell, who staged a one-on-one protest against Qatar’s criminalization of LGBTQ people earlier this week, hailed William’s apparent decision saying: “I’m not a royalist but I applaud the decision. of Prince William not to attend the World Cup in Qatar. He sets an example for celebrities and governments around the world. I urge them to follow his exemplary leadership.

However, a source told The Daily Beast that while there were no current plans to go, it was really because of a busy schedule, but that if England “goes to the last steps”, William could “try to shake things up” to make it happen. .

No easy solutions

A conservation charity run by Prince Harry, African Parks (AP), which manages large swathes of land in Africa, defending wildlife with weapons and helicopters, is being used by jihadists in Benin, Africa, to stir up support for the Islamist insurgency.

An African al-Qaeda affiliate, Jama’at Nasr al-Islam wal Muslimin (JNIM) has used the royal charity as a recruiting tool, saying it is a “proxy military force of the ‘West’, The London Time reports, exploiting locals’ anger at being barred from parks by AP.

“There are increasing reports that jihadists aligned with JNIM are using the closure of parks for conservation and security reasons as propaganda for recruitment,” said Aneliese Bernard, a regional expert who has worked for the US State Department in Niger. Time.

RAF Group Captain Peter Townsend speaks to the press as he walks to his car outside his flat in Lowndes Square, London, October 13, 1955.

Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

This week in royal history

On October 31, 1955, Princess Margaret announced that she would not marry band captain Peter Townsend. In a statement read out on BBC Radio, Margaret said: ‘I knew that, subject to my giving up my inheritance rights, it would have been possible for me to enter into a civil marriage. But, mindful of the teaching of the Church that Christian marriage is indissoluble, and mindful of my duty to the Commonwealth, I resolved to put these considerations above all others. I made this decision entirely alone, and in doing so I was strengthened by the unwavering support and dedication of Group Captain Townsend.

Unanswered Questions

So, will Harry’s memoir be hard or soft? The mystery of what’s in the book continues.

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