Weekly horoscope for each zodiac sign from October 31 to November 6, 2022

The weekly horoscope for your zodiac sign is available from Monday October 31, 2022 to Sunday November 6, 2022.

What does your zodiac sign have in store for you this week?

Boom! Retrograde Mars wants us to know it’s here and we should roll out the bright red Martian carpet to remember its entrance and stay for as long as possible.

This transit is quite dominant; we will feel it and it will manifest in our lives as issues of disorder and misplaced anger. We may not even know why we are so angry, and yet, there it is, Mars retrograde, being “that way.”

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Luckily, we’ll be headed straight for the Aquarius Moon, which will allow us to competently refocus our energy on the things that make us happy, rather than anger and hostility.

It’s not normal for some signs to feel the kind of anger that is coming, and it should be quite confusing for many of us.

The Aquarius Moon should help us through the darkest times, and it prepares us for what’s to come before the Taurus Eclipse.

Moon square Venus inspires us with a desperate need to look towards love in our lives.

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