Highlights, key pieces and photos from BYU's 27-24 loss to East Carolina

Highlights, key pieces and photos from BYU’s 27-24 loss to East Carolina

The Deseret News provides live coverage of Friday night’s game between BYU and East Carolina. Check back for updates throughout the game.

Score: East Carolina 27, BYU 24

Fourth trimester


Andrew Conrad had a 33-yard right field goal and East Carolina won the game on the last play of the game. East Carolina 27, BYU 24.

That’s four straight losses for BYU, perhaps none more punchy than this one.

The Pirates won the ball with just over two minutes to go and got into position, aided by expensive Cougar territory.

East Carolina went for the shot on a fourth-and-8 at BYU 37, and BYU’s Kaleb Hayes was called for pass interference on the pass field. This put the ECU in field goal position.


What is this defensive stoppage madness?

This time, East Carolina faced a fourth-and-one at BYU 9 and went for it, but the Cougars stuffed Keaton Mitchell for no gain.

BYU picks this one up with the chance to take the lead.


East Carolina made a second straight save on fourth down, and this one gives the Pirates a prime position on the field.

Jaren Hall was stopped on a fourth-and-no win at BYU 44, and was upheld after review.

It came after Hall landed a first down on a third-and-run but was called up due to a waiting penalty.

BYU needs their defense to come up with a huge save.


Now it’s BYU with the big stop.

East Carolina’s Andrew Conrad missed a 42-yard field goal attempt that would have given the Pirates the lead, ending a scoreless 10-play, 63-yard drive.

For BYU’s beleaguered defense, it’s a good time to stop in a key moment.


East Carolina got a huge save, stuffing Miles Davis winless on a fourth-and-2 down inside the Pirates 15.

BYU had the ball for nearly 8 minutes, but getting no points on that run is expensive.

Third quarter


Just like that, East Carolina responded to another BYU score with one of its own — it’s getting back and forth tonight.

The Pirates ran for 75 yards in just six plays before quarterback Holton Ahlers rushed for his second touchdown of the night, a 4-yard rush on second base. BYU 24, East Carolina 24.

The Pirates had back-to-back plays for 26 and 21 yards to get the practice started.


BYU used a time-consuming drive — falling 5:02 behind — to pull up a touchdown on the first set of the second half.

The Cougars capped the 11-game, 75-yard run with a 2-yard touchdown pass from Jaren Hall to Chase Roberts, Hall’s second touchdown pass of the game. BYU 24, East Carolina 17.

Hall landed a first down with his legs on a third-and-6 to extend the practice.

second quarter


A one-yard touchdown run from ECU quarterback Holton Ahlers tied the game late in the second quarter. BYU 17, East Carolina 17.

Keaton Mitchell broke up a 35-yard run to trigger the drive, which covered 68 yards. Mitchell already has 106 rushing yards in the game, using his speed and running acumen to burn through the Cougars.


BYU’s offense finally got into rhythm in both the running and passing game and the Cougars are back in front.

Jaren Hall, who used his feet and arms on a 79-yard drive, hit a wide-open Puka Nacua for a 30-yard touchdown run for BYU’s second straight drive. BYU 17, East Carolina 10.

Hall set the score with back-to-back rushes of 23 and 15 yards, including the 15-yard run to convert from a third-and-13 situation.


It’s a draw after East Carolina rushed for 69 yards in eight games and scored on a 23-yard field goal from Andrew Conrad. BYU 10, East Carolina 10.

A mediocre tackle on a 51-yard catch and headed by Jsi Hatfield pushed East Carolina deep into Cougar territory, though BYU’s defense got the stoppage inside the 10 to set up Cart.


BYU is back in front, capping a 92-yard drive with a 24-yard touchdown run from Lopini Katoa. BYU 10, East Carolina 7.

Katoa covered 48 yards on the ride, including a 24-yard run that allowed BYU into ECU territory.

The duo of Katoa and Miles Davis – who had a 16-yard rush on the drive in 10 games – have already helped the Cougars rack up 104 rushing yards.

first quarter


It’s a great reaction from East Carolina, who rushed for 75 yards in six plays to lead on a 31-yard touchdown from Keith Mitchell. East Carolina 7, BYU 3.

The Pirates made four plays of 10 or more yards on that quick shot.


There’s a positive sign for BYU’s kicking game — Jake Oldroyd crowns the Cougars’ first drive with a 36-yard field goal. BYU 3, East Carolina 0.

Two ECU penalties on a fourth attempt helped the Cougars score on a nine-play, 41-yard drive where BYU ran the ball seven times.


Here’s the latest injury news for the Cougars, according to Deseret News’ Jay Drew:

Here are some stories to get you ready for the game:

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