'Black Adam' Soars to $108M+ During Slow Halloween Weekend - Saturday Box Office

‘Black Adam’ Soars to $108M+ During Slow Halloween Weekend – Saturday Box Office

SATURDAY AM UPDATE: Halloween-adjacent weekends have rarely been good at the box office, let alone during the pandemic, when there aren’t many solid movies in theaters. Saturday night is largely party night, not movie night. All of this weekend’s titles are expected to gross $66.2 million, not so far off last year’s $64.3 million, but down sharply from last weekend, when New Line/ DC black adam propelled industry ticket sales, -43%. Before the pandemic, the last weekend of October brought in $107.6 million in 2019 and $105.7 million in 2018, per Box Office Mojo.

The annual frightening effect on the cinema obliges black adam be at -63% on weekend 2 with $25 milliona steeper take than a number of Dwayne Johnson weekend movies 2, that is Hobbs & Shaw (-58%), Carnage (-44%), Skyscraper (-54%) and San Andreas (-53%), and some DC movies (i.e. The Batman-50%; Justice League-56%), but better than others like The Green Lantern (-66%) and 2016 suicide squad (-67%). Despite this, black adam surpasses $100 million by Sunday with $108.4MJohnson’s 18th film to cross the century mark at the domestic box office.

PREY FOR THE DEVIL, from left: Jacqueline Byers, holding Posy Taylor, Christian Navarro, 2022. ph: Vlad Cioplea / © Lionsgate / Courtesy Everett Collection

Lionsgate / Courtesy Everett Collection

No over-indexing either, no thanks to Halloween syndrome, is Lionsgate’s PG-13 horror movie prey for the devil in 2,980 theaters, which made $2.8M yesterday (including Thursday previews) for what appears to be a $7 million start third place. This is where Lionsgate was screening the film. It arrives in a market already full of horrors, with Halloween ends set to end its third weekend with over $60 million and Paramount’s slasher sleeper Smile will grow to over $92 million by tomorrow. devil’s prey, although it is a slightly different type of exorcism film in its feminine conceit, does not spread the spirit all over this earth, with a C+ CinemaScore, an audience score of 68% Rotten Tomatoes and 64% / 2 1/2 stars on Comscore / Screen Engine’s Posttrak.

Those who decided to buy tickets so far were 62% between the ages of 18 and 34 and evenly split between 51% women and 49% men. The demographic breakdowns were 33% male over 25, 30% female over 25, 21% female under 25, and 16% under 25. The diverse audience was 38% Hispanic and Latino, 33% Caucasian, 12% Black, and 11% Asian. The top ten theaters came from the West and Southwest.

RelishMix measured the social media universe for prey for the devil to 62.1 million on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, boosted by 29.4 million for the latter on the official Lionsgate channel. It topped the photo’s 20.8 million YouTube views across eight studio-owned videos before the opening.

TILL, Jalyn Hall as Emmett Till (left), 2022. © United Artists Releasing/Courtesy Everett Collection

United Artists Releases/Everett Collection

United Artists Releasing’s Third Expansion Weekend Until at 2,058 locations, scored an A+ CinemaScore and 91% positive on PostTrak, mostly female at 61%; with $1.03M yesterday and $2.8M for the weekend, and a running total of $3.6M for Eon production. Black moviegoers gave Until 94% on PostTrak. Much older crowd here with 84% over 25, 63% over 35 and almost over 45 with 27% over 55. The diversity demos were 38% Caucasian, 42% Black, 11% Latino and Hispanic, and 9% Asian/Other. Until saw most of its box office come from the Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest.

Trafalgar Releasing has the concert film, Coldplay Music of the Spheres Livereserved for 833 journeys in 179 markets. He posted strong base runs in New York, Los Angeles, Philly, San Francisco, DC, Seattle, Miami, Orlando, Baltimore, Salt Lake City and Toronto, with $673,000 friday for one $1.38M weekend. Obviously an older movie here, while Trafalgar’s younger BTS permission to dance on stage saw a $6.8 million opening in March in 803 theaters.

TIMES OF ARMAGEDDON, from left: Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Strong, 2022. ph: Anne Joyce /© Focus Features /Courtesy Everett Collection

Key Features/Everett Collection

Focus Features’ Fourth Expansion Weekend of Todd Field’s TAR at 1,087 completed $340,000 Friday, in what appears to be a $1 million 3 days and cumulative total of $2.46M. by James Gray Armageddon Time, also from Focus, was booked at six New York and Los Angeles theaters in Lincoln Square, Union Square, Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn, Century City, The Grove and Burbank AMC for $35,000 on Friday, $78,000 opening weekend in light $13,000 by theatre. We heard that Lincoln Square and Grove were the strongest of the bunch.

Saturday estimates:

1.) black adam (NL) 4,402 theaters, Fri. $7.5M (-72%) 3 days $25 million (-63%)/Total $108.4M/Week 2

2.) ticket to paradise (Uni) 3,692 (+149) cinemas, Fri. $3.1M (-51%), 3 days $10.36 million (-37%)/Total $34M/Week 2
Big catch here for this older women’s title.

3.) prey for the devil (LG) 2,980 theaters, Fri. $2.8M3 days $7 millionWeek 1

4.) Smile (Per) 3,221 (-75) theaters, Fri $1.58M (-39%), 3 days $5.02M (-41%), overall $92.3M/Week 5

5.) Halloween ends (Uni) 3,419 (-482) theaters, Fri. $1.14M (-55%), 3 days $3.77 million (-53%)/Total: $60.2 million/ Week 3

6.) Until (UAR) 2,058 (+1,954) cinemas, Fri. $1.037M (+712%), 3 days $2.8M (+670%)/Total $3.6M/Week 3

seven.) Lyle, Lyle Crocodile (Sony) 3,135 (-401) theaters, Fri. $715,000 (-38%), 3 days $2.65M (-38%)/Total: $32.3M/Week 4

8.) Terrifying 2 (Iconic) 1,550 (+795) theaters, Fri. $575.5K (+5%), 3 days $1.87M (+6%), Together $7.7M/Week 4

9.) Coldplay Music of the Spheres Live (TRAF) 833 theaters, Fri. $673,0003 days $1.38M/Week 1

ten.) The female king (Sony) 1,446 (-412) theaters Fri. $300,000 (-42%), 3 days $1.05M (-44%) /Total $64.5M/Week 7


Tar (Focus) 1,087 theaters (+946), Fri. $340,000 (+113%), 3 days $1 million (+100%), Sum $2.46M/Week 4

Banshees of Inisherin (Wed) 59 (+55) cinemas, Fri. $210,000 (+211%), 3 days $400,000 (+117%)/Total
$650.76K/Week 2

FRIDAY UPDATE: New line/DC black adam ends its first week at the domestic box office with $83.4 million, which is slightly ahead of what Dwayne Johnson fast furious spin off Hobbs & Shaw made in its first week at $83.1 million. That’s impressive considering Black Adam is a DC character from a deeper universe, while the other was tied to a long-established franchise – not to mention Hobbs & Shaw debuted in the summer.

Hobbs & Shaw ended its domestic run at $173.9 million. The second weekend of the picture was $36.5 million, and currently black adam should be lighter between $27 and $30 million for its second image. Thursday’s gross for the anti-hero was $3.1 million, down 8% from Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Lionsgate has the only new wide release this weekend in the PG-13 horror movie. devil’s prey, which shouldn’t do much in the high numbers at 2,980 slots. Lionsgate usually launches a genre title around Halloween; his Boo! A handmade Halloween debuted at $28.5 million in the penultimate weekend of October 2016 and continued to have a -40% hold in weekend 2 with $17.2 million. Last night, prey for the devil made $660,000 at 2,450 theaters.

prey for the devil stars Roadies“Jacqueline Byers and 13 reasons whyby Christian Navarro, and is directed by The Last Exorcismis Daniel Stamm. Byers plays Sister Ann in the film, and she believes she answers a call to be the first female exorcist…but who, or what, called her? She seeks a place in a school of exorcism reopened by the Catholic Church. So far these schools have only trained priests in the rite of exorcism – but a teacher (Colin Salmon) recognizes Sister Ann’s gifts and agrees to train her. Pushed to the spiritual front line with fellow student Father Dante (Navarro), Sister Ann finds herself in a battle for the soul of a young girl, who Sister Ann believes is possessed by the same demon. who tormented his own mother years ago.

Elsewhere Thursday, Universal’s George Clooney and Julia Roberts romantic comedy ticket to paradise ended its first week with $23.7 million. Yesterday was $1.5 million, -8% from Wednesday at 3,543. It’ll be fun to see how well this older female comedy can come out. A $60 million US haul is a solid projection, but can it do more? Pic beat forecasts last weekend with $16.5 million.

Third place on Thursday belonged to Paramount’s horror title Smile with $640,000, -7% from Wednesday for a fourth week of $11.3M and a cumulative total of $87.3M.

Halloween ends Universal/Blumhouse/Miramax ends Week 2 with $10.3M, a 14-day total of $56.5M and a second Thursday of $497,000, -8% from Wednesday. The photo is also available to view on Peacock.

The fifth goes to Sony Lyle, Lyle Crocodile with a third week of $5.2M, a cumulative total of $29.7M, and a Thursday of $210,000, +4% compared to Wednesday.

Danielle Deadwyler in “Till”

United Artists Liberation/Courtesy Everett Collection

A few films, especially those that were in the arthouse sector, are now on the rise. United Artists Releasing’s Until of Chinonye Chukwu will expand to 2,000 screens. Sitting at 98% Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, the picture is expected to fetch around $4 million.

Searchlight’s photo of Martin McDonagh The Banshees of Inisherin expands to 59 theaters in 11 additional markets after its beefy theater average last weekend of $45,200 (highest so far this fall). The Colin Farrell-Brendan Gleeson film’s first week totaled $251,000.

Focus Features has the Autobiopic by James Gray armageddon time booked at six locations in New York and Los Angeles. The film, which stars Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Strong and Anthony Hopkins, follows Gray’s life growing up in Reagan-era Queens. Since its launch at the Cannes Film Festival, the picture has garnered 80% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes.

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