A 2-mile (3 kilometers) long methane plume that NASA’s Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation mission detected southeast of Carlsbad, New Mexico.

New map of methane ‘super-emitters’ shows some of the largest methane clouds ever seen

Some of the largest heat-trapping methane clouds ever detected are currently floating over New Mexico, Iran and several other “super-emitting” hotspots around the world, according to a new NASA report. .

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas which contributes to global warming. Although less abundant than carbon dioxide (CO2), methane can trap 80 times more heat pound-for-pound than CO2, according to NASA (opens in a new tab). Human activities such as fossil fuels, natural gas, agriculture and waste industries contribute to methane in the atmosphere, and understanding where methane emission hotspots are can help scientists better understand the atmosphere. humanity’s impact on global warming.

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